Welcome to our Authorized Partner Resource page.

If you are an independent contractor with a valid business license and you have a basic business liability insurance policy please take a moment to complete our “Partner Intake Form” to become an Authorized Partner Resource with GA LVT INC.

Once you have completed our intake form Vendor Relations Team Member will contact you to take the next step.

You can also send eMail inquiries to: vendors@galvt.us


Just in case we need it for some reason(s)
Where we can reach you in case of emergencies, etc.
Full legal name of your company
Where you would like to receive important mailed documents (checks, etc.)
Where you are actually located (if different from your mailing address)
If you are incorporated, please enter your EIN/TIN
Please enter the complete internet site address. ie. http://www.galvt.net
If applicable
Number where we can reach your spouse in case of an emergency
If other than your spouse. NAME - CELL NUMBER - RELATIONSHIP