THIS AGREEMENT made on the Dayth day of Month, Year between Name of Company(hereinafter referred to as “AFFILIATE“) with current address of Street Address, City, State, Zip, and Scott M. Conkel of Georgia Low Voltage Technologies Inc., hereinafter referred to as “GA LVT INC.” with a business address of PO Box 303, Holly Springs, GA 30142.

WHEREAS, AFFILIATE is desirous of becoming affiliated with GA LVT INC. by providing contact information to prospective GA LVT INC. clients as well as providing information to GA LVT INC. for the purpose of solicitation/sales by GA LVT INC. marketing personnel. Includes all other activities which complement the efforts of GA LVT INC. to establish brand recognition and market share by referral pursuant to selling technology into corporate America, from AFFILIATE.

  1. Compensation
  1. GA LVT INC. will pay AFFILIATE _____% of the gross sale for each sales transaction (Dispatch/Project) for all business which is referred to GA LVT INC. by AFFILIATE, for the life of the client relationship with GA LVT INC. Payment will be made when the services have been rendered; client payment has been received; client payment has cleared the issuing bank or institution. Payments to AFFILIATE will be processed quarterly and will be presented to AFFILIATE in the form of a company check from GA LVT INC. GA LVT INC. may use other instruments for payment at the discretion of GA LVT INC. management.
  2. The “Percentage” amount for referred business can be established on a per-customer/per-sale basis and MUST be negotiated in advance for all referrals.
  • Term

The term of this Agreement with AFFILIATE will continue in force indefinitely unless it is cancelled by GA LVT INC. management or AFFILIATE, in writing, for professional misconduct or misrepresentation, giving a 30-day written notice of the intent to terminate.  All money for referrals accrued to date shall be paid according to the terms outlined in item #1 above. No future payments will be made from the agreement termination date.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, by signing below the parties have caused this Addendum/Agreement to be executed as of the following date:  _____________________

By: _________________________________________________________________(AFFILIATE)

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By: ____Scott M. Conkel_________ President /CEO______________ (GA LVT INC.)

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