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At GA LVT INC., our network installation and cabling professionals are focused on providing each and every customer with exceptional service. Whether you’re a Data Center facility, or a small business, GA LVT INC. has the experience to complete your network and cabling project on time, according to your specifications, no matter what your wiring demands may be.

Our team of professional technicians will insure your structured cabling is installed and terminated correctly, allowing for maximum data transmission, ensuring optimal network performance. All structured cabling installations performed by GA LVT INC. will meet or exceed design and technical specifications, according to NEC and BICSI standards. All structured cabling installed by GA LVT INC.  is tested, certified and properly labeled during the installation process with print out of each cable.

We also believe in documentation so from the beginning of your project our CAD Department builds your digital diagrams. You can see on paper what your project is going to look like, down to the color of the patch-cord and the port it plugs in to. From there we create a technical writing which spells out, in plain English, exactly what our technician will be doing. Sort of like a road map that guides our technicians, step-by-step, to the completion of your project. We don’t leave much room for any errors.